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How to play Freecell

  1. Browser App for Mobile & Desktop

    • JSFreecell is a browser implementation of FreeCell Solitaire that supports mobil and desktop. It is optimized for tablets (Apple IPad and Android based tablets).
    • To play JSFreecell click or touch the JSPlay tab, above.
    • Offline Play
      Once you have accessed JSPlay tab while online you can then play offline by enteriating the URL on the same device with the same browser used in the online play. To facilitate Offline Play, after page opens create a browser bookmark. In addition on Chrome, go to the Chrome Store and install the Freecellgui App by clicking "+ ADD TO CHROME" button. On Desktop you may drag JSPlay to your desk top. Once the bookmark/shortcut is created, selecting it will launch offline play of JSFreecell.
    • Run JSFreecell

    • Rules
      See FreeCell Solitaire.
    • Actions
      To move cards left click or touch, no need to drag.

      To identify card relations, move the mouse or finger over the cards and observe the color of some of the cards change. Green cards are the targets of the card the mouse pointer, or the blue ball for touch devices, is over (MOC) and yellow cards are the cards that can be moved to MOC.

      To move a card left click/tap and it will move to a valid target. If the click or taped card does not have a valid target it will not be moved. If there are multiple valid locations, the MOC can move to, then right click or shift + left click or touch card and do not move for .3 seconds, then click or tap the valid target you want to move the selected (blue) cards to. Click here to see a complete explanation of the Graphical User Interface.

    • Browser
      JSFreecell is implemented using Javascript and HTML5. Therefore, it will potentially run on any device that has a HTML5 compliant browser with Javascript.
    • Smart Phones
      JSFreecell does work on some smart phones, though screen size is marginal. Try it you may like it.
    • Multiple Devices and Browsers
      The state of Challenges and deals in progress are saved in the cloud ( and facilitates playing on multiple Desktop and Mobile devices. While online you can exit JSFreecell on one device and continue seamlessly on another device. If device with a game in progress (not yet won or lost) is offline you can force the switching to a different online device but the moves of the in progress deal will be lost.
    • The FreeCellGUI Terms of Use will be ACCEPTED when you click JSPlay.
    • Internet Browser Requirements

      To play the JSFreecell you must be using a browser that supports HTML5. The following are HTML5 capable browsers. If your current browser does not support HTML5, please install one of them. Then try again.
  2. FreeCell Hints & Tips


    On every logical move the position of the board should be improved.

    Guide Lines:

    1. Make a logical move that improves position without reducing number of free elements. Any logical move that meets this guide line is good. Any logical move that does not, is potentially bad.

      The preceeding assummes that it is possible to visuallize all logical moves which is not possible but logical moves should be visulized to completion where possible. If not possible then you must use your sense on what is a good path to pursue and yield on the guideline to not increase number of free elements and make the moves along the chosen path and repeat.

    2. Move to home
      As soon as possible (eg no other cards refer to a card, a sure thing and will be done automatically, but can be moved safely when it is observed that the card(s) that may move to the card that could be moved to home is likely to be able to be moved to home before it would need to be moved to the subject card (eg. 3 clubs eligible to be moved to home and the 2 of hearts is higher in the same column that contains the Ace of hearts). Should consider moving when another card of same color and value is still in play. Also as last resort when you can see that it will improve position or there seem to be no logical moves left.

      Always check source card for Home Exchange opportunities after moving cards to home.

    3. When possible, avoid using more free cells than you have home slots filled (ie look for a better logical move).
    4. Empty a column as soon as possible. OK to use one or more free cells as long as you end up with a higher or equal max cards that can be moved.
    5. Create runs when possible.
      Runs starting with King have a higher value. Even when the King is not at the head of a column (this King high sequences are only one move from final position).
    6. When looking for next move check the cards preceeding, up to max moves, the cards at the bottom of the columns for moves that improves position.
    7. Finding first move


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